Yogini Kaliji (Kali Ray) is internationally renowned as a yogini and founder of TriYoga. Traveling extensively, she has taught TriYoga on a daily basis for over 35 years. Integrating Eastern thought and Western tradition, she has presented 34 keynote addresses at yoga conferences and other venues worldwide, and has been featured in yoga magazines and other media. Kaliji's presence, her mastery of the flow and the ageless wisdom inherent in TriYoga have inspired and transformed countless lives.

Kalijji has published in-depth and systematized teaching and practice manuals including TriYoga Basics, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Flow, TriYoga for Everyone, and Prana Vidya. She founded the ensemble Chant Club, offering Sanskrit chants sung in call-and-response style.

TriYoga, which includes the full range of yoga practices, is taught in 35 countries and 33 TriYoga Centers have been established.

Kaliji was initiated as a swamini in the Jayalakshmi Datta Avadhoota lineage by H. H. Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysore,India. In 2006, in recognition of Kaliji's global humanitarian service, Sri Swamiji honored her with the Vishwa Bandhu award. Vishwa Bandhu translates as friend of the universe, a caring relative of humanity.

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