Service to those in need is a natural progression of spirituality. 

TriYoga is a dynamic service-oriented organization. Whether it is to spread the teachings of yoga throughout the world by enabling students to come to the U.S. for teacher training, bringing the power of transformative music to people’s lives, aiding those who would not be able to teach TriYoga otherwise, providing financial help for special needs, bringing TriYoga to the prisons, homeless shelters, or supporting environmental and animal rights organizations, TriYoga is constantly reaching out.

TriYoga New Orleans donates much of its time and energy by offering free classes, fundraisers and events to those living in New Orleans. 

TriYoga NOLA also offers a variety of classes at different locations around the city.  

If you would like more information about opportunities to serve and participate in any of our activities, please contact us.

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